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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The members of Bubastis Oasis proudly invite you to celebrate the Fourth Annual Mass Appeal weekend to be held in the Great State of Texas!  We will spend the weekend devoted to exploration and experience of Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass.

Dates: September 22nd – 24th

Fee: $56 for the weekend…includes hors d’oeuvres Friday evening, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday.
Schedule – The following schedule is subject to change:

7:30:00 PM open doors
8:30:00 PM BCRC equinox ritual
9:30:00 PM milling about
10:30:00 PM living room
11:00:00 PM Public Mass 1
1:00:00 AM Public Crazy Mass 1


9:00:00 AM breakfast
9:30:00 AM class 1
10:00:00 AM Gnostic Mass 1
11:00:00 AM —-
12:00:00 PM Gnostic Road Show
1:00:00 PM Gnostic Road Show
2:00:00 PM Feast for the Saints
3:00:00 PM Feast for the Saints
3:30:00 PM Feature on a Saint class
4:00:00 PM Gnostic Mass 2
5:00:00 PM —-
5:30:00 PM class 3
6:00:00 PM Gnostic Mass 3
7:00:00 PM —-
7:30:00 PM Masters’ Dinner MoE activity off site
8:00:00 PM MoE activity off site
9:00:00 PM Third Degree Mass MoE activity off site
10:00:00 PM Third Degree Mass MoE activity off site
11:00:00 PM MoE activity off site
11:30:00 PM doors open
12:00:00 AM Public Crazy Mass 2


9:00:00 AM Gnostic Mass 4
10:00:00 AM —–
10:30 AM class 4
11:00:00 AM brunch
12:00:00 PM brunch
1:00:00 PM gnostic road show
2:00:00 PM gnostic road show
3:00:00 PM Public Mass 2
4:00:00 PM —–
5:00:00 PM Public Mass 3
6:00:00 PM

Love is the law, love under will.