The Midwinter Magical Revival and the Seven Deadly Sins

Is everyone getting excited for the upcoming magical revival?  I know I am.  You may have noticed that our image this year is from Bosch’s sins from The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.  Wondering why?

The theme for this year’s feast and masquerade is the Seven Deadly Sins!  Imagine it now, seven courses inspired by each of the sins, attendees dressed to represent or evoke their chosen sin.  Good times.

Think well on the sins when choosing your costume for Saturday night!  Will you pander to your prejudices or embrace the less familiar?  I have spent months with each of the seven sins in preparation for the feast and costume party and found myself torn.  I went with one I am less familiar with to see how it felt.  Besides, who wants a room full of Lust and Pride?! (<–party idea) What will you choose?

Speaking of the feast, please contact [email protected] with any dietary considerations so that we can be sure that you may partake of each and every course.

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