Magick in Theory and Practice

Magick in Theory and Practice Class

Members of the Bubastis Oasis Education Committee host this monthly discussion and practice session covering the chapters from Crowley’s engaging “Magick in Theory and Practice.” 

This workshop is open to everyone.  Free for local dues current Oasis Members in Good Standing, $10 to the public.

Workbooks will be provided; however, we recommend that attendees bring writing tools, laptops, etc, as well.

Topics will vary each meeting 

  • August 8th: Chapters XIV: Of the Consecrations, with an Account of nature and Nature of the Magical Link, and Chapter XV: Of the Invocation  
  • September 12th: Chapters XVI (I) Of the Oath and Chapter XVI (2): Of the Charge to the Spirit; with some Account og the Constraints and Curses occasionally necessary, and Chapter XVII: Of the License to Depart
  • October 10th: Chapters XVIII: Of Clairvoyance; and of the Body of Light, its Powers and its Development.  Also concerning Divinations. and Chapter XIX: Of Dramatic Rituals.
  • November 14th: Chapters XX: Of the Eucharist; and of the Art of Alchemy and Chapter XXI: Of Black Magick; of the Main Types of the operations of Magick Art; and of the Powers of the Sphinx
  • December 12th: Appendices