Holy Books of Thelema

Holy Books of Thelema Discussion

Members of the Bubastis Oasis Education Committee host this monthly discussion and exegesis covering various Holy Books of Thelema.  The Holy Books of Thelema are the backbone of the spiritual life of a Thelemite. 

This workshop is open to everyone.  Free for local dues current Oasis Members in Good Standing, $10 to the public.

Handouts will be provided; however, we recommend that attendees bring writing tools, laptops, etc, as well.

Topics will vary each meeting 

  • August 23rd: Liber LXV: Chapter IV  
  • September 27th: Liber LXV: Chapter V  
  • October 25th: Liber Arcanorum
  • November 22nd: Liber Tzaddi
  • December 27th: Liber Cheth